Preview Burial’s “Ashtray Wasp”

I’m pretty sure the vocal sample in this snippet of elegantly muffled electronica from Burial’s forthcoming Hyperdub EP Kindred keeps repeating “head underwater,” which is exactly how you would feel if your company holiday dinner last night featured, in a starring role, an endless glass of wine. If that were to be true, you might think this song was made for you, and one of the most beautifully soothing things in Burial’s catalogue, to be kept on infinite loop until last night’s memories/wines were properly metabolized by your heart/liver. It really is a wonderful thing. If you need me I’ll be after the jump.

(via egothieves)

Kindred will be Burial first new release since this year’s “Street Halo” 12″ and the clandestine dubstep don’s Thom Yorke and Massive Attack joints. It is shaping up nicely already. Happy holidays. Drink responsibly.

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