Fake Brooklyn Indie Band Is Monkees 2.0

Maybe you’ve heard of the All For Nots, a fake band consisting of “musical actors from Williamsburg.” Watching a couple episodes over at their site makes it pretty clear that the non-band’s name is more apt than perhaps they’d like to hear. Breaking down the fourth wall, they recently played a show at the Annex. As the NY Times City Room blog notes:

On Wednesday night, City Room went down to The Annex on the Lower East Side and scoped out the performance of the All-For-Nots, a spoof of an indie Williamsburg band that is the center of a new Web series backed by former Disney chief executive Michael Eisner. This was the band’s first performance in New York since the series debuted last month. (They had an earlier performance at the Mercury Lounge back in December, an impressive debut venue for any band, real or fake). The conceit of the Web series, introduced in the first episode, is that a documentary crew is following the band around on tour. In other words, faux-reality television.

Ugh. If you continue reading, it turns out people showed up, someone used the word “slammin'” without irony, and the band’s annoying fake manager has an annoying real blog. Oh, Disney, you already turned Manhattan into a theme park, and now this. Videogum has some footage from the show (an episode where the band heads off to play a college, gets in a fight) along with some footage of the Monkees, who did this kinda faux-reality television with songs that were actually good. Novel. The All For Nots stuff is pretty painful … but, hey, at least pain’s real. Check it out. There’s also a MySpace, which they mention in that aforementioned episode, though it seems they exaggerated their friend count. Let’s hope they don’t start a Twitter.