New Vivian Girls Video – “When I’m Gone”

When Brandon first put his ears on “When I’m Gone,” Vivian Girls’ lead single and runaway standout from their sophomore set Everything Goes Wrong, he heard echoes of Black Tambourine in its “starry, dusky fuzzed-out sounds” and “semi-buried spectral harmonies.” The Girls’ bittersweet lo-fi pop track has a video to follow suit, the trio performing in a sun-streaked room as their likenesses are superimposed in hazy, softly defined layers suiting the sound, and the sentiment. It’s no joy ride, but it’s simple and effective.

Everything Goes Wrong is out via In The Red.

Japan and Australia, now’s your time:
09/18 – Kyoto, Japan @ Metro
09/19 – Nagoya, Japan @ KD Japon
09/20 – Tokyo, Japan @ Shibuya Seco
09/22 – Tokyo, Japan @ Shibuya o-nest
09/25 – Sydney, Australia @ Spectrum
09/26 – Melbourne, Australia @ Roxanne
09/27 – Hobart, Australia @ Brisbane Hotel
09/30 – Melbourne, Australia @ Northcote Social Club
10/01 – Adelaide, Australia @ Metro Hotel
10/02 – Brisbane, Australia @ Step Inn
10/09 – Honolulu, HI @ Loft Gallery and Lounge

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