Dinosaur Jr., Pierced Arrows @ The Music Box, Hollywood 12/14/11

If you happen to own a Fender Jazzmaster and a Big Muff distortion pedal, odds are Dinosaur Jr. rank high in your music collection. Touring in support of their 1988 fuzz bomb masterpiece Bug, Dinosaur Jr. were interviewed by fellow SST records labelmate Henry Rollins prior to their performance of Bug in its entirety. While J. Mascis was characteristically soft spoken, Murph and Lou Barlow recanted stories of how they once toured Los Angeles and no one showed up to the show, how they reunited in 2005 and remembered the entire catalog in two days, and how Mascis explained that writing songs is sometimes like going fishing. Rollins also brought up the fact that they are one of the loudest touring bands bleeding into the Motörhead decibel level. Peruse pictures of Mascis’s three amplifier stacks above and the setlist after the jump.

Dinosaur Jr Setlist:
01 “Thumb”
02 “In A Jar”
03 “Freak Scene”
04 “No Bones”
05 “They Always Come”
06 “Yeah We Know”
07 “Let It Ride”
08 “Pond Song”
09 “Budge”
10 “The Post”
11 “Don’t”
12 “Out There”
13 “Feel The Pain”
14 “The Lung”
15 “Just Like Heaven”