Killers & Psychedelic Furs Do “Pretty In Pink” In L.A.

But before they started, though, Jimmy Kimmel did his best half-assed Kanye-at-the-VMAs impression. The show took place 9/16 at the Hollywood Bowl, where the Furs were opening for the Killers. (Thanks for the tip, Danielle.) The “Pretty In Pink” cover — complete with pink lighting — could clearly be seen as a tribute to the recently departed John Hughes, but just as likely (and more sadly), it’s also possible that it’s the only Psychedelic Furs song folks there to see the Killers would immediately recognize. But maybe I’m just saying that because the person who videotaped it can’t take their camera off Brandon Flowers.

And since you can’t see him much in that clip, here’s what Richard Butler looked like doing it many moons ago.