Le Drive-By Tigres

Now that I have your attention with all the Britney news, here’s some new music you must check out.

On Friday night, Laura XBox, Marcus, Celeste and I did some pre-partying at 119 Bar before the Drive-By Truckers show, then headed (minus Celeste) around the corner to Irving Plaza for one of the best concerts I have seen all year.

DBT are southern rock revivialists. The real deal, though, not a marketing gimmick ([cough]Kings Of Leon[cough]). Most of head trucker Patterson Hood’s songs are about booze, Skynyrd, daddy’s car, George Wallace, and “the Southern thing.” And believe or not, they get a lot of mileage out of that. It helps he’s got a perfectly grizzly Southern drawl that heralds tales of hard-living. I’ve been listening to five DBT albums on shuffle and I really can’t get enough. Maybe ’cause I’ve never been to Alabama.

Drive-By’s three guitar assault killed at Irving Plaza, and in between songs Patterson shared New York stories and took swigs of Jack. Even the crowd was cooler than usual: jolly country-rock lovers instead of the usual NY hipsters.

Here’s a dark cut from the band’s Southern Rock Opera (rock operas are so hott these days).

Drive-By Truckers – “The Three Great Alabama Icons”

“Heathens” wins Song Most Played On Stereogum’s iPod Last Week. It’s from Decoration Day and I was psyched they played it Friday night.

Drive-By Truckers – “Heathens”

I guarantee I was the only loser in the front row snapping pics on my camera phone.

I don’t know why I bother; my camera phone obviously sucks. Suggestions appreciated.

Anyway, here’s the setlist (thanks Marcus!):

Drive-By Truckers @ Irving Plaza, NYC 9/17/04
The Buford Stick
Sink Hole
Your Daddy Hates Me
The Day John Henry Died
Never Gonna Change
The Company I Keep
Daddy’s Cup
Carl Perkins’ Cadillac
The Boys From Alabama
Let Me Roll It [duet with opening act Allison Moorer]
Marry Me
Women Without Whiskey
Lookout Mountain
Puttin’ People On The Moon
Uncle Disney [off Patterson’s solo cd]
Tornadoes [dedicated to Southern folks affected by Ivan]
Where The Devil Don’t Stay
Goddamn Lonely Love
The Living Bubba
Zip City
Let There Be Rock

I should also mention. Wes Freed is the guy responsible for DBT’s fantastic album artwork. This, for example, makes a nice desktop wallpaper.

Now, totally switching gears

I know a lot of you have really strong opinions about feminist electro-punks Le Tigre. Well, at least my fiancee and her friends do. I’m not gonna pretend to be some Kathleen Hanna expert, but I do know she unintentionally inspired the title of a famous rock anthem by scrawling “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit” on a wall when bandmate Toby Vail was dating the Nirvana frontman. Also, I thought she was really cute dancing around in that old Sonic Youth video. And she sings on Green Day’s new concept album (rock operas = still hott).

You may have Gawker Stalked the trio at Misshapes or already own the “Deceptacon” 12″, but you should still check out This Island … even though it’s (gasp) on a major label. Cry sellout if you must, but I dare you to resist the Pointer Sisters cover:

Le Tigre – “I’m So Excited”

That tune wins Song Most Played On Eliza Jane’s iPod Last Week. If I was a DJ, or a poseur iPod DJ, I would spin it ASAP.

Did you like it? If so, you owe it to these politically-minded girls to vote. If you register at mustvote.com, you get free music.

Also, fun fact: last week Laura Xbox interviewed Kathleen, who then told her publicist that Laura has perfect skin and hair. Also Laura writes good articles about abortions.

So to recap, you’ll want to pick these new albums up at your preferred music retailer.