Moby Makes A Music Blogger’s Dream Come True (By Playing His Birthday Party)

Moby spends a lot of time on the internet, so if anybody was gonna do this, you knew it would be him. But still props to him for being approachable, and congrats to Chris, the guy behind NJ-based music blog, on what sounds like an unexpectedly great night. For the third anniversary of his blog, Chris organized himself a birthday party at Maxwell’s with musicians La Laque, Salt & Samovar, and the Teeth, only to learn a few days before the party that the Teeth inconveniently decided to break up on him. With little time to spare and after being rejected by 61 area bands, Chris dug up an old Saturday Night Live transcript and put together a message to Moby, Win Butler, and Kate Nash, in the vein of one Lorne Michaels:

Moby accepted. You can check this timeline to read how Chris’s week looked, and his reaction to Moby accepting the invite. The show sold out and looks like fun. People seemed to have a good time and Chris obviously loved every minute. Read his report here and here. Also Moby is grateful and wonders if all rabbits are kind of dumb, all at once.

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