New Cajun Dance Party – “The Hill, The View & The Lights”

The video for Brit BTW Cajun Dance Party’s swank, noirish “The Race” found the youthful quartet witnessing a showgirl get a scowl-down from a group of judgmental onlookers. It ended with her hightailing it, before being blocked again by the naysayers. “The Hill, The View & The Lights,” the final track on the band’s Bernard Butler-produced full-length debut The Colourful LIfe, sounds a lot like what she might listen to later when she finally escapes, drowning her sorrows in some dingy lounge. That’s how it opens, at least, Vicky Freund taking care of the retrofit cocktail vocals — but then Daniel Blumberg plops in with his cheeky post-punkery.

Cajun Dance Party – “The Hill, The View & The Lights” (MP3)

Attack of the noise squiggles.

The Colourful Life is out 4/28 in the UK, and in the US in the Fall, via XL.

[Photo by Jon Bergman]