New Animal Collective Video – “Water Curses”

We recently took a listen to “Water Curses,” the title track to Animal Collective’s forthcoming post-Jam EP for Domino. At it’s core, it’s a beach-holiday pop song, bathed and swabbed in whooshes and the sort of aural accoutremonts that help build their signature sound. The vid could be a play on that view, focused images floating and piled on by pixels. Or it could be a great way to turn out a cheap video. Either way, if that preview pane doesn’t get you psyched for this clip we don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Just kidding, there would be nothing wrong with you if that pane didn’t get you psyched. Because it is pretty much the entire video.


Whatever. Next time, AC, more videos like this. Digging the EP, though.

Water Curses is out 5/5 in the UK, and 5/6 in the States, via Domino.