Panda Bear – “You Can Count On Me” Video

Longtime Animal Collective visual-art compatriot Danny Perez has set a series of his mushroom-clouded, swirling video trip-outs to Panda Bear’s Tomboy standout “You Can Count On Me.” It is an official video, and despite my general distaste for iTunes-Visualizer-styled music videos, Perez gets a pass because he sort of runs shit in that world. It’s mesmerizing, so have at it.

(via GvsB)

That is pretty stuff! Though I suspected it would look and feel equally as pretty soundtracked instead by any of a number of the year’s best tracks … annnnnd turns out #1 confirmed my suspicion (directions: mute the left side, and flow).

Here’s just Noah’s vocals, for your next awkward mashup project:

Panda Bear – “You Can Count On Me (A Cappella)”

Tomboy is out now via Paw Tracks.