Weezer Raditude Tracklist Revealed

So far long-suffering Weezer fans have been less than enthused by the title of the band’s seventh album and its pooch-y album art, but now that Raditude has a proper track list, perhaps they’ll find more reason to cheer. (That and the fact that the band’s launched their own Live Official Bootleg Series, which they explain over at MySpace. The first installment, the 8/27/09 Camden Show, is available already: “Next up is Washington DC, then Denver and Kansas City.”) As far as studio material, a number of Raditude’s 10 album tracks will already be familiar to you. There are also a handful (plus one) of bonus songs, including one that has more MGMT and Lady Gaga than the others. Fans of Alone II will recognize something, too.


01 “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
02 “I’m Your Daddy
03 “The Girl Got Hot
04 “Can’t Stop Partying” (See Below)
05 “Put Me Back Together”
06 “Trippin’ Down the Freeway”
07 “Love Is the Answer”
08 “Let It All Hang Out”
09 “In The Mall”
10 “I Don’t Want to Let You Go”

Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:

01 “Get Me Some”
02 “Run Over By a Truck”
03 “The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World”
04 “The Underdogs”
05 “The Story of My Life” (iTunes bonus)
06 “Kids/Poker Face” (iTunes pre-order bonus)

Raditude is out 10/27 via Geffen. A song you won’t find on it is their cover of “Rainbow Connection,” which the band confirms is set to appear on next year’s Muppets Remastered album. As far as songs that are on Raditude, here’s “Can’t Stop Partying” from when Rivers performed it with co-writer Jermaine Dupri and friends for our Decomposed series:

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