Grandaddy’s “A.M. 180″ Defuses Bombs, Walks Marathons, Sells Dodge Journeys

Indie rock and car commercials go hand in hand. Just ask Wilco. Tapping into an especially nostalgic playlist in our brain, the new Dodge Journey features Sophtware Slump-ing, keyboard-lined California rock ‘n’ roll quintet Grandaddy. Yes, Jason Lytle & Co. may no longer be with us as such, but that doesn’t mean they can’t let that hooky “A.M. 180″ key action help convince you to experience all-wheel drive, good fuel economy, and the crossover that’s ready for anything. Plus, the song was from Under the Western Freeway. It’s conceptual.

Did that kid stick a six pack in the backseat? Kinda lame visually, but Grandaddy musically. It’s their second stab at a car ad.

Yeah, we know, “Nature Anthem”‘s a weird tune to be selling a gas eater, but we like the old one better. And, we miss Grandaddy. Guess they’ll be back in some other form sumday?

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