Axl Mulls GN’R Rock Hall Reunion

A little while back, Axl Rose hinted that he could potentially reunite with the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup if his band ever made it into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. And now that they’re definitely on their way in, he’s publicly kicking around the idea of a reunion, though he seems to be a long way away from committing to it.

In a recent Los Angeles Times interview, Axl, apparently unprompted, talked a bit about the idea, and he almost seemed to be thinking out loud: “Because, really, you can get guys from the Illusion thing, but the only thing that would make it would be Duff [McKagan] and Slash, really. It’s nothing against Izzy [Stradlin] and it’s nothing against Steven [Adler], or anything like that. Steven may want it, but these guys I’m working with right now, they work really hard and it’s hard work.”

So he’s not dismissing the idea out of hand anymore. That’s something! But he also, understandably enough, doesn’t like the idea of a bunch of industry leeches making money from the enterprise. And he mentions that the guys in his current zombie-GN’R band have been around for as long as the original members were, which is ridiculous but also true, at least if we’re speaking strictly temporally.

Finally, he admits:

I’ve got mixed emotions about what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame actually really is, but at the same time, there’s a lot of people — the fans — that it just means something to them, and they’re happy. It’s like you won the Heisman or something. I have people of all ages — in Indiana, I hadn’t been there in 18 years, and you’ve got elderly TSA guys, a hundred pounds overweight, come up and they’re happy. So I don’t want to take that away from them.

The man’s never seemed so interested in pleasing the legions of fans who want this reunion so desperately. But Axl is also someone who seems to do whatever he wants, so at least the issue is on his mind.