Sally Shapiro – “Time To Let Go (Lindstrøm Remix)”

We’ve given a lot of love to Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance — in both its remixed and untouched, original form. Time for more of the former, because Sally Shapiro Remix Romance Vol 1 came out today. The comp features 10 remixes of the Swedish Italo disco chanteuse by the Juan MacClean, Holy Fuck, Skatebård, Junior Boys, the previously mentioned Cansecos, and one hell of an epic rendering from Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. The haunting 10-minute Lindstrøm expansion of “Time To Let Go” is our personal fave, and we have it for you. See, if you make it longer, you have more time before you have to let go/say goodbye. And, to delay that moment some, we asked Shapiro a few questions about the project, which she answered in kind.

Sally Shapiro – “Time To Let Go (Lindstrøm Remix)” (MP3)

The way he weaves in the percussion at the end, really bringing it home beneath the vocal loops, is great. Lindstrøm’s been on the mind lately, releasing BTW Dominique Leone and all. Now we have another reason to keep the Norwegian producer/label head close to our hearts (and eardrums). Here are Sally’s thoughts on the Remix Romance and her recent DJ tour of North America.

STEREOGUM: What’s it like to hear these various takes on your tracks?

SALLY SHAPIRO: It’s interesting to see what you can do with a track, how the same song can sound completely different.

STEREOGUM: Do they feel like entirely new songs to you, or extensions of something that was already present in your composition

SS: It’s different, some remixes are pretty close to the original whereas others go into a whole new direction, almost like new songs, though I think the remixers were still inspired in some way by the original track.

STEREOGUM: Do you have a favorite?

SS: Yes, the Jon Brooks remix of “Skating In The Moonshine.”

STEREOGUM: How was the DJ tour?

SS: I enjoyed it! It was fun to play records and we met a lot of nice and enthusiastic people. I’m sorry we missed the Chicago gig though because of transportation problems.

STEREOGUM: Did you ever do any scratching?

SS: No, I guess I didn’t…


Maybe due in part to that sort of questioning, she has no plans of returning to North America this year.

Sally Shapiro Remix Romance Vol 1 is out on Paper Bag. Vol. 2 is a 10-track digital-only release available at the end of June.