New Charlatans Video – “The Misbegotten”

As previously reported, the Charlatans are giving away their new album. Yes, it’s free. Same with the fish-eyed Douglas Hart-directed video for first single “You Cross My Path.” The grainy walkabout was shot throughout Los Angeles with ageless frontman Tim Burgess, his iPod, much air punching and finger pointing, that peerless bowl cut, and a stuffed raccoon. Also, right smack dab in the middle, note that TB’s already pondering “the end.” Not sure why, it’s a solid track.

Remember, if you hate free downloads, You Cross My Path also comes out as a “deluxe double CD” 5/12 on Cooking Vinyl. On top of that, via the same chefs, you can get “The Misbegotton” single as a doubly A-Sided 7″, which includes a remix of the track by the Horrors.