New Salem – “Frost”

The shadowy goth-tinged Salem crew really do feel like the Cocteau Twins colliding with Royal Trux. Or like Crystal Castles with more substance. Cold Cave with less. In that (and that) sense, it’s fitting the band is releasing the Yes, I Smoked Crack EP (complete with a carbon monoxide suicide video) also poses for photos by art-world provocateur/darling Terence Koh and photographer Miguel Villalobos. The insider outsiders have a new 7″ via Audraglint: Heather Marlot singes the crystalline, atmospheric (and prettily relaxing) A-Side “Frost” and John Holland handles the more clattering “Legend” on the flip. Taken a listen to “Frost,” then a look at the aerodynamic “Legend” video.

Salem – “Frost” (MP3)


The “Frost”/”Legend” 7″ is out 9/22 via Audraglint. It’s limited to 500 and comes with a matte sleeve with silver foil embossing.

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