Watch Flamings Lips Cover “I Am The Walrus” In Studio

It’s been a fruitful year for Oklahoma City’s Flaming Lips, despite the fact that they didn’t put out a formal LP. After dropping a set of Christmas tunes recorded with Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono band, the Flaming Lips recorded a cover of the Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus,” which is probably one of the least surprising covers if we’re talking about bands heavily influenced by acid. Check out the video, produced by DeLo Creative (the Flaming Lips in-house production company led by George Salisburty), after the jump.

If nothing else, it’s definitely the least weird thing the Flaming Lips have done this year. The cover comes in advance of the Lips’ New Year’s Freakout #5 in Oklahoma City, where they’ll cover Beatles tunes with Sean Lennon and Plastic Ono Band. The Flaming Lips next release will come in the form of a gummy frog; as you may recall, this is not the Lips’ first foray into the gummy game.