Something’s Shocking: Eric Avery Decides He Can Deal With Being In Jane’s Addiction For One Night

After the success of his great Lolla lineup, Perry Farrell has something else to hoot about: Original Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery has agreed to play a show with the band for the first time since 1991. Yes, right around the time “punk broke.” It’s for the U.S. NME Awards at the El Rey Theatre in L.A on 4/23, where the guys are receiving the “Godlike Genius Award.” Past UK Godlike winners include The Clash, New Order, Primal Scream and Manic Street Preachers (UK). NME’s reasoning for giving it to JA:

[They’ve] done more than any other band to introduce American alternative music to the mainstream, founding the touring Lollapalooza Festival and giving what frontman Perry Farrell refers to as the ‘alternative nation’ a real cultural focus and voice.

Before this Avery’s rejected the idea of a reunion to work on his own post-Addiction sounds, a la Help Wanted, released a week ago on Dangerbird. Yeah, we’ve barely heard of it either. Smart p.r. move, Avery! We kid. Actually, he makes good level-headed sense in his blog post about the decision:

Via Eric’s blog:

ok. so…short story is that ive decided to do a few songs with janes addiction at the nme awards show. they are honoring the legacy of janes and therefore i have decided to participate. i have kept silent this past week about it because i was concerned that if it got out that i was even considering it, that in itself would have been considered an answer and i didnt want to set this in motion until i had really decided either way. so i am sorry for the lack of response to your questions on the blog here.

i went to do dave navarros internet tv show today thinking that i might get some clarity about all this from talking to him. i had only spoken to two other folks about this up to that point. i was really conflicted and i am still unsure that this is the right answer (if there is such a thing) but i am happy to be a part of honoring janes. i am humbled that we are being put into the company of the others who have received this honor from the nme. and finally, i must admit that it has felt really good so far in both heart and mind; just sounds like a cool night. amazing.

now then, i have some basslines to figure out and rehearse.

Wise man. Wonder what Navarro thinks. Well, hey, good thing the man has a blog, too! Dave writes:

So, yes… As I posted a few days ago, Jane’s has been honored by NME this year and we will be accepting a lifetime achievement-like honor — at the NME Awards at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 23. Perry, Stephen and I will attend the show as a band. Before the press and a few blog commenters start digging up old quotes, stories and opinions, let me tell you that the three of us have been speaking regularly have decided to focus on what’s most important… The music. So, all the “But I thought you said”, “But so and so said”, “What about… blah, blah, blah…” is irrelevant at this point. Trust me… There is nothing anyone is going to remind us of that we don’t already know. Everybody in the world has said something over the top due to an emotional charge. The bottom line is that we have been getting along great and are moving forward with our personal and musical relationships. These days, the press loves to take something great and find reason to fuck it up. That’s the only way they think a story can sell. They think, “Hmmmm… This is great news and all, but it’s all nice and drama free. Lemme dig up a bunch of old baggage from years ago so my editor will feature my work!” The same thinking that the news networks have had for years has found it’s way into entertainment. Just watch the top stories on any channel. Anyway, we know… We lived it… No need to remind us! As it stands, we are planning on attending the awards as a unit and I really don’t have anything else that is concrete to report at the moment. As soon as I do, you will be among the first ones I share it with. We are all very happy with how things are evolving!

Now we need Perry to get his blogging ass in gear. OK, Stephen Perkins, too.