Pearl Jam – “Chinese” (Previously Unreleased Demo)

At 1:30 in the embed below, you hear Cameron Crowe DJ a Stone Gossard composition called “Chinese,” a ’90s-era Pearl Jam demo, on Sirius/XMU’s Pearl Jam station. Crowe says a bit of it made it to the DVD of Pearl Jam 20, his PJ documentary that is both streaming on Netflix and every bit as good as your friends old enough to form adolescent memories about the “Hunger Strike” video tell you it is. So about “Chinese”: it’s got EdVed sat back in the mix, the jangly chord-inversions that typified ’90s-era Gossard, and “Alive”-styled drum fills, and it’s weird that such seemingly basically elements can be so thoroughly owned by and identified with one particular band, but here you go. PJ in the ’90s below, 2012 ahead, let’s do it. (UPDATE: Also below, the frist episode of Portlandia, which features Eddie Vedder. Because of the dream of the ’90s is alive.)

(via CoS)

Watch Pearl Jam 20. My family did during Sikhmas. When Crowe showed footage of Pearl Jam’s second gig — at which they already basically sounded like the Pearl Jam that would conquer the world within a year or two — my mom said “If I was at that show I would have become an A&R agent,” which is one of an infinite number of reasons I love my mom.

UPDATE: Also, here is the first episode of Portlandia, which features the aforementioned Vedder, along with a hearty Battlestar Galactica reference, which basically makes it the sketch comedy distillation of my entire holiday break.