New Flaming Lips Video – “I Can Be A Frog”

Now that the appearances at ATP and Colbert are out of the way, the Lips can shift to more typically internattable pursuits, like releasing music videos for their forthcoming, 12th album Embryonic. “I Can Be A Frog” features Karen O on “noises,” although the clip has her animal sounds mouthed by a giggly bikini-head instead. The record unfolds in a stream of tonally chaotic consciousness, shifting from Can-redolent psychedelic grooves and stomps (“Convinced Of The Hex,” “See The Leaves”) to Bitches Brew-echoing vamp outs (“The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine”) with tracks that have the occasional technicolor burst buttressed with many more that are sheer airy, downcast come-downs. The just over two-minute “I Can Be A Frog” is one of the latter, somewhat slight and wouldn’t seem the ideal choice for a video on sound alone. But then, Coyne does name-check a lot of creatures which makes for good doodling. And also, even when sidelined with phoned-in sounds, there is the promotional appeal of Karen O. Besides a collaboration between the band behind the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” and a Yeah Yeah Yeah? That oughta be memorialized, yeah. If this clip doesn’t do anything for you, get proactive: the Lips need naked bikers for the next one.

Embryonic is out 10/13. That night the Lips hit The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien. Check out the various deluxe format options for the album at