D’Angelo Covers “Black Hole Sun”

Ever since he finished touring behind his 2000 opus Voodoo, the spaced-out soul king D’Angelo has remained shrouded in mystery, supposedly working hard on his own personal Chinese Democracy but giving the public virtually no indication of where that might be heading. Every new D’Angelo song feels like an event, and every report that the new album will be out soon gets reported as news even if it’s probably bullshit. And today, we get an actual new song from D’Angelo — sort of.

Depending on who you ask, D’Angelo’s version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” was recorded at home either eight years ago (?uestlove’s probably-accurate account) or two years ago. It’s a dizzy psych-soul experiment that sound basically nothing like Soundgarden’s original, and you can hear it below.

(via Vulture)

D’Angelo’s next album will hopefully come out before the sun engulfs our helpless planet.