Killers, Bloc Party Confirm New Albums

New year, new albums in the works from stylish bands of the aughts. This week, Zane Lowe’s BBC show has been the staging ground for announcements by the Killers’ Brandon Flowers and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke that both of their bands are working on LPs. Flowers promised a new Killers record for 2012 (“it’s just whether it’s [released in] the summertime or the wintertime”), while Okereke’s simple statement that Bloc Party was a few songs deep on another record was news enough; the band’s been the subject of breakup rumors for years, though Kele confusedly blogging about an NME article alleging his band was auditioning new singers seemed most damning.

Kele says the band feels “liberated”; Flowers says the band isn’t trying to throw any “curveballs,” but also isn’t interested in making a strict sequel to any of their previous records.

This will be the fourth album for both groups, following the Killers’ Day & Age and Bloc Party’s Intimacy, and solo efforts by Flowers, Okereke, and Killers’ drummer Ronnie Vanucci (as Big Talk).

Both bands’ debut LPs dropped in 2004. Both lead singers are 30. ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE. Just kidding they are both going to perish in the impending Mayan apocalypse, but all these coincidences do sorta make you wonder which of them would win in an arm wrestling match. I say Kele since he seems more committed to biceps.