New Architecture In Helsinki – “One Heavy February 2008″ & “Like It Or Not (El Guincho Remix)”

Australian troupe Architecture In Helsinki will be at Coachella next week — as will we. It’s reportedly one of their only (if not only) U.S. dates this year. After the hullabaloo (yes, hullabaloo) created by the worthy “Heart It Races” single last year — pre-release remixes and Teotihuacánian video — we put the AiHers on the backburner. Thanks to, yes more remix (from the Guincho) and video action, we’re glad to have ‘em back and causing a ruckus on our radars again. Here’s the kinetic, needlepointed Josh Logue-directed video for “Like It Or Not,” which is the featured track on an upcoming EP of the same name.


As is the cowbell rush of percussive “One Heavy February 2008,” a “Like It Or Not” B-side. This one should go down especially smooth after a few beers in the middle of the desert…

Architecture In Helsinki – “One Heavy February 2008″ (MP3)

There’s also this remix of the title track done by El Guincho, who they’re touring Australia with after Coachella. It basically makes AIH sound like … El Guincho.

Architecture In Helsinki – “Like It Or Not” (El Guincho Remix) (MP3)

This is what the rest of the EP looks like:

01 “Like It or Not” (Version 77)
02 “Beef in Box” (IQ cover)
03 “One Heavy February 2008″
04 “Like It Or Not” (El Guincho Remix)
05 “Hold Music” (Max Tundra Remix)

The Like It Or Not EP is out soon via Polyvinyl.