Rank & File

Stereogum Buzz Chart: Week Of 1/1/12

New year, new feature! Welcome to Rank & File, where we track the week’s biggest people and stories in easily digestible chart-form. We did this because sometimes it’s hard to know what was the biggest story, and it helps to have a scientific and definitive list of these things to keep everyone from arguing in the comments.

A note on the chart logic: An item’s RANK reflects a story’s size, while its BUZZ (thumbs up, or down, or both) reflects its nature. So while Grimes’s “Genesis” is an unqualified thumbs up, Ben Gibbard’s new year (new runner’s body, new set of divorce papers) is slightly more mixed.

OK, here’s this week’s Top 10:

Rank & File: Stereogum Buzz Chart - Week Of 1/1/12

This is our first stab at it, so your thoughts and suggestions are particularly welcome.