David Lynch Remixes Zola Jesus

Some combinations just make sense, and the intersection of David Lynch and Zola Jesus, two expert crafters of creepy beauty, is one of them. David Lynch, still relatively new to the music game, has supplied a relatively restrained and effectively pretty remix of Zola Jesus’s gooily gorgeous Conatus track “In Your Nature,” which will serve as a B-side on a forthcoming vinyl and digital single. You can stream the track below.

(via Pitchfork, where you can also read some words from Zola mastermind Nika Roza Danilova about the experience of being remixed by the cinematic master)

The “In Your Nature” single is out 2/21 on Sacred Bones. I really, really wish Danilova would uncancel the Charlottesville tour date that she announced and then almost immediately canceled.