Star Slinger – “Chain Dumbin’ (Feat. Juicy J, Project Pat & Reggie B)”

A few months ago, UK remix specialist Star Slinger released the Green Label Sound single “Dumbin’,” an all-original collaboration with singer Reggie B that Diplo promptly remixed. And now we’ve got a new version of the song, “Chain Dumbin’.” This one has a couple of unexpected guests: Longtime Three 6 Mafia hard-rock hedonists Juicy J and Project Pat. Both acquit themselves nicely. Juicy proves himself old enough to namecheck Diff’rent Strokes characters with authority, and there’s never a bad time to listen to Pat pronounce his name as “Project Pattuuuuh”; it just always sounds awesome. Use the widget below to stream or download the track.

It’s one of my lifelong ambitions to get Juicy J to scream my name into a recording device. Star Slinger must be proud.