New Animal Collective Video – “Brother Sport” (Live In Lyon, France)

Over the past few days we’ve enjoyed “Water Curses” in audio and video forms — basking in the beach-y bounce, the way it conjures sunnier climes. We get the same feeling with “Brother Sport,” a song that won’t show up on the forthcoming Water Curses EP. Which is unfortunate, because it’s great. The track does, however, appear as a live video from a performance in Lyon, France, for this TV program that appears to be called Ground Zero. Who cares that it was committed to video in October — this is full-on springtime tropicalia.

(via P4K)

Yes, only those stage-side skeletons aren’t dancing. Pretty strange how stills of the band’s faces keep flashing in there. Maybe that’s supposed to remind us it isn’t El Guincho? OK, point conceded: Vice versa and versa vice.

As a reminder, Water Curses is out 5/5 in the UK, and 5/6 in the States, via Domino. As for “Brother Sport,” maybe it’ll be on the next LP. Until then, this Dailymotion may be worth an MP3 rip….