New Mew Video – “Repeaterbeater”

When the video boasting a sentient-rocks-that-shoot-laser-beams narrative for Mew’s “Introducing Palace Players” hit the web, the band helpfully added we shouldn’t feel “like an idiot” for not understanding any of it. Which at worst was patronizing (“you’re probably just not smart enough!”) and at best was some thoughtful empty words while you sat around feeling like an idiot anyway. But it was very pretty! and sorta science-fictiony. The clip for the wispy then resplendent muscle and math rocker “Repeaterbeater” delivers both elements again — the element of sci-fi (weird dresses!) and the element of making you feel like an idiot for not understanding exactly what is going on. Mew is starring this time, though, sitting and pacing and being debilitated by anxiety attacks and crumbling into crawling, sobbing messes without recourse. This is how you act, fools. I don’t know what is what in it, but I can tell you that it’s basically the sum total of Robert Altman + Alfred Hitchcock + cinematic Danish prog rock. For you:

Mew – “Repeaterbeater” (MP3)

No More Stories… is out.

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