New Bloodsugars – “A Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

Brooklyn quartet the Bloodsugars reference the last sentence of Samuel Beckett’s The Unnamable via the title of I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, their followup to last year’s BQEP. You get a sense of their attention to words in “Light At The End Of The Tunnel.” The track, which taps into a kind of locked new wave Spoon zone, features some Spaghetti Western washes and a short story-length narrative (“If I knew where you lived, I’d move to your neighborhood,” etc.) that finds lead vocalist Jason Rabinowitz literally taking us to the end of the tunnel in order to get out his entire entreaty.

The Bloodsugars – “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” (MP3)

I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On is out 11/3 via Engine Room. Bell shows up on “Falling Makes You Blue.”