New Alphabeat Video – “10,000 Nights”

The Danish sextet Alphabeat were one of the acts British experts picked to breakout in ’08. Who knows for sure, but as the weekend approaches, we figured we should gets folks in the mood for nights of thunder. And, this song is really catchy … and happy. Play it alongside “Graveyard Girl” to balance the ying/yang at your ’80s retro party. Or, for now, follow the bouncing colorful balls (and the dude in red pants). The pre-order advertisement at the bottom is a bit disconcerting, though, sure, who wouldn’t want Alphabeat wallpaper?

So, the song was called “10,000 Nights Of Thunder” on the Danish version of Alphabeat’s debut, but looks like their new UK label, EMI, opted to clip it down a couple words. No worries, they also upped the self-titled album’s name by a couple words to This Is Alphabeat. Pop music is confusing.

Alphabeat is out on Cophenhagen. This Is Alphabeat is out in May via EMI’s Charisma imprint. Keep your eyes on their MySpace for more info.

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