New (Better) Fool’s Gold Video – “Surprise Hotel”

Fool’s Gold is the irresistible, solar-streaked Hebrew/English project from Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov alongside members of Foreign Born and other L.A. scene notables. The first video for surprise hit “Surprise Hotel” felt like a buzz-memorializing placeholder, the collective celebrating its infectious, afro-pop amalgamating summertime jam outdoors at dusk. This new video is a lot better. Directed by Matthew Lessner, the scene shifts to a sunny poolparty which we’re assured “represents a typical summer day for Fool’s Gold … nothing was staged and fun was had by all.” I wasn’t sure about that after the early shot of the band performing a choreographed dance with instruments in hand, but after seeing the hotties splashing around and kissing lizards, the old dudes dragging some Fools and waltzing with greyhounds, and the saxy bikini lady blowing a horn poolside, I think that’s pretty believable. Whether you’ll lament the season’s change or plan a move to Fool’s Gold’s neighborhood, it’s too much fun not to watch:

The band’s got a record on the way, and in the interim is getting remixed by everyone from Micachu (aka M.A.T.H.E.S., thanks Kje!) to Weird Tapes. Add the original to your afro-pot:

Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel” (MP3)
Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel (Phaseone Remix)” (MP3)

Fool’s Gold is out 9/29 via IAMSOUND.