New Dodos Video – “Fables”

When of Montreal turned over their tunes to Outback, and their personae to T-Mobile, they calmly insisted that it would be the fans who’d benefit most from their cash-out. A horse on a stage and several freaky videos later, Kevin Barnes seems a man of his word, and a role model for bands in the licensing-era who want the graceful sellout: reinvest the dividends in your shareholders. The Dodos are young but have already flirted with brand extension via bad beer endorsements; as it goes, though, any surplus on the advert side was quickly offset by a cripplingly early album leak. All of that is to say they aren’t in Barnes’s position to bedazzle their shit quite yet, and that’s evident in this pretty uneventful performance clip for the open-tuned Time To Die stomper “Fables,” but their new video does end with a mini-confetti display. Not that they need girls writing in sexual torture devices at their next show or anything, but that’s at least one symbolic step along the road of Montreal.

The Dodos – “Fables” (MP3)

Time To Die is out via French Kiss.

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