Flaming Lips & Deerhunter Lock Horns Backstage (Plus Pictures From The Lips’ Naked Bicyclist Video Set)

Not one to hold his tongue, a new video finds Wayne Coyne backstage calling Bradford Cox (aka “Brad Fox,” aka “Benny The Cocks”) a dick. Cox returns the favor by explaining how “a magician guy” and “a guy in a giant clam costume” invaded his private space and terrorized him with a confetti gun at ATP NY. It’s unfortunate The Colbert Report couldn’t get that prick Win Butler involved beyond the allusion, but funny stuff. (Also, we finally find out why Cox’s albums are always leaking.)

After you watch, look at this spread of photos to see what sorts of bodies answered Wayne’s call for nude bicyclists in Portland. Coyne and the naked co-ed bikers filmed a new video for “Watching The Planets,” which will definitely be better than video for “I Can Be A Frog.” (Photos by Mark Lore, who has a recap of his day on the set.) NSFW of course.

Remember, besides punchlines, the Flaming Lips recently delivered Embryonic to Mr. Colbert.