Ryan Adams Goes Blond, Metal

Look, we’ve already confessed to having a mild addiction to furiously refreshing Ryan’s Tumblr feed. So admittedly, we reblog the guy a lot … but whatever you think of the man, damn if he’s not entertaining. Last night he decided to blow the dust off of his metal alter-ego, Werewolph, complete with pendant and coif. It looked like this…

…and sounded like this:

That would be enough for most singer-songwriters and their hair on a Thursday night. But not our dear D.R., who grabbed a bottle of peroxide in service of getting Lily with it. And liveblogged it. He looks like Andy Warhol:

Obviously that’s not lost on him.

But it wasn’t JUST dressing in metal gear and making a metal video and liveblogging a hair bleaching session. Ryan “couldn’t get backstage” at the opening of the John Varvatos store (which was “s.t.u.p.i.d.,” btw), as in the one that is on the site of CBGB. So instead of groveling, he ended his night with a video entitled “Clowns Is Evil”:

Give up? “this is an experimental movie about the break up between derek jeter and mariah carey. god forgive us all.

Whatever, it’s Ryan. What did you do last night?