Ryan Adams Art Opening/Auction @ Morrison Hotel Gallery, NYC 9/23/09

Prolific Renaissance Dude D. R. Adams gives away so much of his hobby art (Werewolph jams, Gorf lessons) for free, I was surprised to see the price tags on the vlogger/poet/rocker’s mixed media collages now on display at Morrison Hotel Gallery. $6,500 … $9,000 … $14,000! Last night Ry inaugurated the Artist In Residence series at the former CBGBs space and his work is appropriately grimy and obtuse. Most had amusingly straightforward titles like “Statue Of Fucking Liberty” and “I Really Miss These Headphones” (a pair was fixed to canvas along with vintage food labels). Among colorful, abstract portraits and cityscapes (and a hundred too many balloons) hung skilled sketches and pretty still lifes. What you won’t see at Morrison are a dozen or so pieces the musician painted on-site earlier this month expressly to benefit Housing Works (a charity of which we are fond). Prior to the 8PM public opening, these new works were auctioned to assorted invited friends and fans, with Jesse Malin as auctioneer (he was funny, but did not attempt an “auctioneer’s chant”) and numbered paper plates as makeshift bidder paddles. Most sales were in the low thousands, ending with a two-for-one steal at $2,500. Earlier in the evening I spoke with a superfan who came from Seattle just to view the art … and she ended up buying a piece. Ryan, in a Kreator tee, mingled with guests — among them his new blog editor, new friend Mary-Louise Parker, and new Hall Of Fame nominee Mike Rutherford (sans Mechanics) — then autographed advance copies of Hello Sunshine and pink Pax Am 7’s. No, @TheMandyMoore was not in attendance, but I’m sure she’s happy to have these canvasses out of the garage.