Arctic Monkeys Bring “Cornerstone” To Craig Ferguson

When Arctic Monkeys hit Fallon they did so with the swaggering “Crying Lightning.” Things got a bit more balladic for Craig Ferguson. When we weighed in Humbug, we mentioned some of Alex Turner’s best lines appear on “Cornerstone”:

[We get] “I thought I saw you in the battleship / but it was only a lookalike… / … She was close, close enough to be your ghost / But my chances turned to toast when I asked her if I could call her your name.” By the song’s end, because this is the world of Humbug, he’s being told “yes, you can call my anything you want” by his ex’s (or whomever’s) sister

Turner looked downcast and tender last night — sorta like a little boy lost — but that cheeky bravado remains as big as his hair.

“Cornerstone” is Humbug’s second single. The album is out now.