Watch Jack White On American Pickers

If the twenty-second preview hooked you, this full segment of Jack White on History Channel’s American Pickers is your linkbait of the day. Herein the erstwhile Stripe delves into his love of taxidermy (he’s not a hunter, but a lover of animals and the “majesty” of dead, stuff ones) and bargains with the show’s hosts for an elephant head they’ve procured and shipped to him. Actual retail cost of said item + shipping = $12,500, if you were curious, which Jack haggles down a bit by offering a few items from his personal trove of collectibles in trade: a black and white photo booth (the very one from the Dead Weather’s “Hang You From The Heavens” video) and a jukebox, both from Detroit. I spoilered a lot of that for you, but if you watch the clip you get to find out a) the price those Jack White items (Jack Whitems) are worth. You’d also get to discover the look of Jack White’s “I’m on American Pickers” face if I hadn’t also spoilered that for you with the screengrab above. (Good Pickers face!) Still, it’s a nice watch for Jack fans — head to the History Channel. 35 minutes in.