One Half Of Junior Senior Covers Fine Young Cannibals

Yes, the new Wolf Parade has a song called “Fine Young Cannibals,” but Jeppe, aka the Senior side of Junior Senior, has one-upped WP with a full-blown cover of “Johnny Come Home.” He’s even one-upped Dolly. The 1985 track sounds like 1985. Or the Faint. It also sounds good. And lines like “What is wrong in my life / I must get drunk every night” remain relevant for this upcoming weekend. Take a listen.

Jeppe – “Johnny Come Home” (MP3)


Jeppe looks pretty suave next to Roland and the boys, but ever wonder what he’d would look like lip synching a bit of the song while walking moodily down the street, etc.? Wonder no more:

This week the Danish really love the ’80s.