New Sufjan Stevens – “There’s Too Much Love”/”Age Of Adz”/”Impossible Souls” (Live In Ithaca)

Scott tells me that when he lived in Ithaca the only live music there was ska. Well, now the live music includes expansive glitch-y songs by Sufjan Stevens. No sooner did we post the man’s interview with Shannon Stephens, then a live version of this new song “There’s Too Much Love” pops up and out. The 7-minute epic encore was captured on high-quality video from Soof’s visit to Castaways with Cryptacize. Note the heavy guitar riffing and noisy jazz breakdown, right before things head into some heady (and zany) Bitches Brew zone. (Hey, maybe the Polvo-esque rock vibe he nailed on “In The Words Of The Governor” wasn’t a one-off). Sufjan, the shape-shifter.

“There’s Too Much Love”

(Via P4K)

Here’s the setlist, complete with some other newbies like “Alien Attack,” “Age Of Adz,” and “Impossible Souls.”

01 “Alien Attack”
02 “Age Of Adz”
03 “Impossible Souls”
04 “All Delighted People”
05 “Majesty Snowbird”
06 “The Transfiguration”
07 “Casimir Pulaski Day”
08 “The Dress Looks Nice on You”
09 “To Be Alone With You”
10 “Chicago”
11 “In the Devil’s Territory”
12 “There’s Too Much Love”
13 “John Wayne Gacy, Jr”


“Age Of Adz”

“Impossible Souls”

The take-away versions:

Sufjan Stevens – “There’s Too Much Love” (Live) (MP3)
Sufjan Stevens – “Age Of Adz” (Live) (MP3)
Sufjan Stevens – “Impossible Souls” (Live)