Bryan Ferry Gets Married, Remixed By Todd Terje

A big week for former Roxy Music leader Bryan Ferry! Newsday reports that the dapper, 66-year-old glam veteran got married, for the second time, to 29-year-old Amanda Sheppard on January 4. The ceremony went down on the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Caribbean territory that I’ve never heard of. Only true iconoclasts, it should be noted, get married on Wednesdays. Mazeltov! Now let’s all Google Image Search Amanda Sheppard.

In other Ferry-related news, Norwegian space disco master Todd Terje and masterly Norwegian space-disco team Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas have each remixed the Roxy Music classic “Love Is The Drug” for a new 12″ single. Listen to the luxuriant seven-minute Terje remix below.

The “Love Is The Drug” remix 12″ is out now on the Vinyl Factory.