Velvet Revolver Looking For Talent … Online

After Scott Weiland was very publicly kicked to the curb and decided to focus his considerable energies on the Stone Temple Pilots reunion, we had hopes for some sort of GN’R hatchet burying, but it looks like the revolving door of Velvet Revolver has other ideas. (And, by the way, that’s not their new vocalist in the accompanying picture cozying up to Weiland — it’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer Jim Marshall … but dare to dream.)

Via NME:

Velvet Revolver are set to hold an online audition to replace singer Scott Weiland.

According to the band’s guitarist Slash, the group are building a website to bring in singers over the next month.

He said: “The band is actually talking about building a Web site [and] doing some auditions via that, so that’s been something that’s developing at this point.

“We’re at that point of just listening to different things… it’s one of those kind of situations where you can’t really explain it to anybody because you’ll know it when you hear it. So I’m waiting to get that feeling of, ‘Yeah that’s it.'”

The band are due to play a forthcoming gig in Las Vegas which will see a number of singers take up vocal duties.

Slash told Billboard: “I’m not gonna name any names, but a bunch of well-known people will get up and sing some songs, and then also bring up a couple people that we think are pretty good and might sing a couple songs.”

Why not save yourself the time and energy, Slash, and just troll YouTube? It worked for Journey.