Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Tour Won’t Allow Cameras, Will Allow Geography Snafus

Kanye’s Glow In The Dark Tour Won’t Allow Cameras, Will Allow Geography Snafus

Last week we were alerted to the fact that Kanye isn’t allowing cameras into the room for his Glow In The Dark tour. Via Animal New York:

The rapper just kicked off his multi-city Glow In the Dark tour and Def Jam Universal has already alerted the YouTube police to start pulling down any snippets eager fans post, like this one we uploaded yesterday. Additionally, Kanye does not want the media taking his flick according to this email signature from Def Jam’s Gabriel Tesoriero, Vice President for Media & Artist Relations:

“If this email is regarding Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark Tour, please be advised that Kanye is not allowing photography of any kind during his performance on this tour, and be prepared to adjust your coverage accordingly. We will be contacting you regarding ticket requests a few days prior to the show in your market”

As we suspected at the time, that won’t stop people.

“Flashing Lights,” ironically. Maybe instead of worrying about cameras he should study a map. Looks like he called Sacramento “Seattle” during a set, and how he’s apologizing, on his blog:

I can’t believe I bust a spinal tap! It’s no excuse for this I wish I could sink in a black whole. When I said Seattle and there was no crowd response I was up on my spaceship platform thinking damn… I think I just said the wrong city!!!!! I kind of muffled the words so I was praying nobody really caught it. I guess all those hours that me and Phill spent making my mic clear as possible back fired on me! We had alot of problems with the video servers on the first 3 songs and that completely threw me off! Hey, I’m not perfect. Hope everybody had a good time. I’m a man, I can say it… I’m sorry.

Ah, no worries, we’ve all found ourselves on our spaceship platform busting a Spinal Tap, Kanye. It’s all good. Now to see if we can sneak photos during Bonnarapalooza.

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