Robyn Performs Live For An Empty AOL Studio, Kicks Ass

Not everyone’s come around to Robyn (except you, of course, Perez). Maybe you just need it stripped down some? You know, boiled to the essentials, i.e. Robyn’s voice, hooks … and hair. Bingo: AOL is currently streaming the Robyn Sessions, six streamlined songs — minus the marching band — and a few Q&A’s. First up: “Konichiwa,” which is yours for the enjoying if you can get beyond the infinite imgs of Robyn’s otherwise lovely mug below (why are you trying to make us hate her face, AOL)?

Then there’s a first-time-ever-taping of “Show Me Love.” Stripped down, Highline style.

More faces.

Watch the rest of the session here, bitches.

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