Weezer’s Red Album Art & Tracklist

The wait’s over. We spent quite a bit of time this past last week nibbling “Pork And Beans” and wondering where the single’s minimalist cover scheme (look to the right to partially jog your memory) would fit into the overall album design. For starters, turns out they both have red on them. Also, as you might have noticed from our headline, they have, in fact, gone the Weezer route, which means pretty soon we’ll all be calling this puppy The Red Album. And, speaking of the color albums: Keep those in mind for Red’s overall look. Albeit, with a Western flair.

Very Marlboro man of you, Rivers. Sorry for the blurriness — once we find a larger version of the art, we’ll jettison this one. Until then, please dig into the rest of the meal:

01 “Troublemaker”
02 “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)”
03 “Pork and Beans”
04 Heart Songs”
05 “Everybody Get Dangerous”
06 “Dreamin'”
07 “Thought I Knew”
08 “Cold Dark World”
09 “Automatic”
10 “The Angel and the One”

Bonus tracks for the Deluxe Edition:

11 “Miss Sweeney”
12 “Pig”
13 “The Spider”
14 “King”

If you want to do some more Weezer reading, here’s the official press release.

The Red Album is out 6/24 on Geffen.

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