Dirty Projectors Bring Mount Wittenberg Orca To Fallon

You may remember earlier this year when Brandon put together a little show at a little bookstore in SoHo for which Dirty Projectors performed the little feat of composing a six-song suite for Björk in a week, after recording their best record to date, and then proceeded to blow everyone’s minds with it. There were only 300 or so lucky ones in the room that night, but after last night’s stop at Fallon, a lot more became privy to a piece of Dave Longstreth’s latest. At Housing Works the song was called “Until The Day I Die,” which Dave described to us as “Song of Amber, sighting the Whale, statement of devotion.” (The overarching piece is titled Mount Wittenberg Orca, which Dave said “is about a day three weeks ago that Amber Coffman was in Northern California watching whales from a mountain called Mount Wittenberg. The six songs are imagining the moment Amber saw this whale, and the whale saw her.” He also said Mount Wittenberg Orca was “definitely like Bitte Orca’s younger, hotter sister,” so there’s that.) Last night new DPs superfan Jimmy Fallon informed us its been retitled “When The World Comes To An End.” After it’s done, Fallon immediately says “You gotta come back” before asking of Amber, Haley, and Angel’s harmonies, “How did you do that?” Good question. We have video of that, and some pics and vid of Dirty Projectors making the Roots gush backstage. Get in it:

Dirty Projectors – “When The World Comes To An End” (Live On Jimmy Fallon) (MP3)

(“When The World Comes To An End” was one of the suite’s movements that didn’t feature Björk on any vocals, so that version was fairly true to the Housing Works performance, just with a slightly slower tempo.)

Before the taping, Questlove tweeted this video of DPs backstage at Fallon saying “Man. Dirty Projectors came into our room and demonstrated their awesomeness. How cool is it for them to do this?” (He reiterated they “really became a fave” of his later, although my favorite of his DPs tweets was “based on their setup and sound….imma take a wild guess dirty projectors are from BK?“) And when the band finishes the private performance, you can hear Quest say “Wow I will follow y’all to the ends of the Earth.” If you listen to the video all the way through, you hear Roots guitarist Captain Kirk talk about how sitting between the girls is even better than 5.1 surround sound to feel the magic of their “alchemy.” Yes I imagine that is a good seat to have. For alchemical reasons.

As the video’s closing, you can hear Questo ask what the Projectors’ plans on for Thursday night — the Roots will be at Brooklyn Bowl at N. 11th and Wythe in the Burg, and it sounds like they’d want Dirty Projectors to come up onstage with their Meredith Monk-ing mind explosions. Dave’s face in that moment is pretty classic. Here’s a photo from one of our spies of the Dirty Roots mindmeld:

Mount Wittenberg Orca is not out. Here’s how it sounded at the Housing Works Bitte Björka show:

See you guys at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday?

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