Lightning Bolt – “Sound Guardians”

Lightning Bolt’s fifth album Garden Of Earthly Delights (Load, 10/13) opens like a riot with “Sound Guardians.” It’s the perfect place to get acquainted with the collection, so we asked drummer Brian Chippendale about it.

How’d you come up with the title? Are you the guardians of sound?
Ha. We are … not … the guardians of sound. If anything we only have a dialogue with a limited palette of sounds. Honestly, the song when we first wrote it sounded like a Soundgarden song. We tend to have working titles based on the song’s sound that morph into the actual title. “Nation Of Boar,” the Boredoms sounding song? Am I giving way too much away here?

How’d you decide to make it Earthly Delights’s opener?
It is the opener because of its own opening sound. We both agreed that the introductory sort of sonic-wah over the steady tom beat was one of the coolest moments on the album, so we stuck it right in the beginning.