Jamie Lidell, Pivot Cover Grizzly Bear On Warp20 Recreated

After years being at the forefront of forward thinking electronic music, estimable UK indie Warp Records began branching out in directions you are familiar with (think: Grizzly Bear, Battles, Maxïmo Park — all brought to you by the label of Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada). It’s an expansion that’s netted them love from further reaches (or maybe that should read mainstream reaches) of the internet music press, one that’s made for some diverse bills at their Warp20 shows around the world (already in Paris, NYC, Sheffield, and London, with Tokyo getting one in November) and a fairly eclectic 20th anniversary compilation, Warp20 Recreated. Particularly because this comp is organized around an incestuous premise: Warp artists doing other Warp artists.

For the most part the iconic figures from the label’s past are on the “getting covered” side of the divide, but the equation is most evenly, excitingly, and contemporaneously balanced in Jamie Lidell’s cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Little Brother.” You can hear a decently durable preview of it here. (He’s fucking with the more psychedelic and acoustic Yellow House version, not the Friend EP’s electric-guitar clanger. Although Jamie’s does feature some clangs of its own. Clangs and chirps.) Grizzly Bear also join the likes of Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, and LFO as the only Warp artists to be covered in multiple instances across Warp20’s 21 tracks. The other cover? This take on “Colorado” by Australian trio Pivot:

Pivot – “Colorado” (MP3)
(via FADER)

Here’s a more stylistically linked pairing of Warp’s past and present: Bibio on Boards Of Canada…

Bibio – “Kaini Industries” (MP3)
(via P4K)

Warp20 Recreated is out 9/29 via Warp. Imagine that. Here’s a full tracklist:

01 – Born Ruffians – “Milkman”/”To Cure A Weakling Child” (Originals by Aphex Twin)
02 – Jimi Tenor – “Japanese Electronics” (Original by Elecktroids)
03 – Maximo Park – “When” (Original by Vincent Gallo)
04 – Tim Exile – “A Little Bit More” (Original by Jamie Lidell)
05 – Rustie – “Midnight Drive” (Original by Elecktroids)
06 – Luke Vibert – “LFO” (Original by LFO)
07 – Autechre – “What Is House?” (LFO Remix) (Original by LFO)
08 – Russell Haswell – “Cabasa Cabasa” (Original by Wild Planet)
09 – Clark – “So Malleable” (Original by Milanese)
10 – Diamond Watch Wrists – “Fool In Rain” (Original by Pivot)
11 – Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday Nite – “Paint The Stars” (Original by Jimi Tenor)

01 – Mark Pritchard – “3/4 Heart” (Original by Balil – Black Dog Productions)
02 – Mira Calix with Oliver Coates – “In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country” (Original by Boards Of Canada)
03 – Pivot – “Colorado” (Original by Grizzly Bear)
04 – Bibio – “Kaini Industries” (Original by Boards of Canada)
05 – Jamie Lidell – “Little Brother” (Original by Grizzly Bear)
06 – Leila – “Vordhosbn” (Original by Aphex Twin)
07 – John Callaghan – “Phylactery” (Based on Tilapia by Autechre)
08 – Gravenhurst – “I Found The F” (Original by Broadcast)
09 – Plaid – “On My Bus” (Original by Plone)
10 – Seefeel – “Acrobat” (Original by Maximo Park)

Here’s video of Born Ruffians doing their best Richard D. James at Warp’s anniversary party in NYC a few weeks back: