Frank Black Francis

I’m curious about the Frank Black Francis double LP coming out on SpinArt next month. The first CD contains the 1986 demos for Come On Pilgrim, the second offers reinterpretations of Pixies classics, recorded with Two Pale Boys.

Says Frank of the project: “Sure, we?ve messed with the gospel, but I am satisfied with it.”

CD1: Demos 1. The Holiday Song 2. I’m Amazed 3. Rock A My Soul 4. Isla De Encanta 5. Caribou 6. Broken Face 7. Build High 8. Nimrod’s Son 9. Ed Is Dead 10. Subbacultcha 11. Boom Chickaboom 12. I’ve Been Tired 13. Break My Body 14. Oh My Golly 15. Vamos

CD2: Rerecordings 1. Caribou 2. Where Is My Mind 3. Cactus 4. Nimrod’s Son 5. Levitate Me 6. Wave Of Mutilation 7. Monkey Gone To Heaven 8. Velouria 9. The Holiday Song 10. Into The White 11. Is She Weird? 12. Subbacultcha 13. Planet of Sound

I’ve been listening to “Cactus” for a while now, thanks to Fluxblog. This week Music For Robots unveiled “Monkey Gone To Heaven.”

Frank Black Francis – “Cactus”
Frank Black Francis – “Monkey Gone To Heaven”

Cool, no? Frank Black Francis drops 10/12.

As for a new Pixies album?
Unlikely … unless Diane Warren offers to lend a hand.