The ‘Gum Drop Volume XXXIV: Hear New Dresden Dolls, Win Deluxe Replacements Reissues

Next month the Dresden Dolls are releasing No, Virginia…, a collection of unheard material from the Yes, Virginia… sessions along with b-sides, compilation contributions, and previously unreleased winter ’08 session tracks. One of those newer songs, “Night Reconnaissance,” recorded in Allston, MA, came with this week’s ‘Gum Drop. We were curious about its Hughes-y, garden gnome-stealing narrative, so we asked the Dolls some questions. You can listen to the song and read Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione’s responses o’er here. Also, the Dresdens are doing a contest in conjunction with the No, Virginia… pre-order — you can win a toy piano used and signed by Amanda and Brian. Get details for that here.

[Photo by Beth Hommel]

Today’s Drop also offered the chance to win Rhino’s four deluxe and expanded re-issues of the Replacements’ early Twin/Tone recordings, featuring 27 previously unreleased tracks…

Twenty something years after the fact, the Replacements’ early work still sounds fresh. On Rhino’s new, expanded, and remastered deluxe reissues of the Minneapolis quartet’s Twin/Tone Releases, the sounds are even crisper, and there are more sounds: 27 previously unreleased tracks in all across Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, Stink, Hootenanny, and Let It Be. As far as authenticity goes, the reissues were produced by longtime Replacements manager Peter Jesperson, who co-produced the original albums, and the members of the band took part in selecting the bonus material. The new tracklists:

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (1981)
01 “Takin A Ride”
02 “Careless”
03 “Customer”
04 “Hangin Downtown”
05 “Kick Your Door Down”
06 “Otto”
07 “I Bought A Headache”
08 “Rattlesnake”
09 “I Hate Music”
10 “Johnny’s Gonna Die”
11 “Shiftless When Idle”
12 “More Cigarettes”
13 “Don’t Ask Why”
14 “Somethin To Dü”
15 “I’m In Trouble”
16 “Love You Till Friday”
17 “Shutup”
18 “Raised In The City”

Bonus Material
19 “Raised In The City” Live, 1980 – Demo*
20 “Shutup” Live, 1980 – Demo*
21 “Don’t Turn Me Down” Live, 1980 – Demo*
22 “Shape Up” Live, 1980 – Demo*
23 “You Ain’t Gotta Dance” Studio Demo*
24 “Get On The Stick” Studio Demo*
25 “Oh Baby” Studio Demo*
26 “Like You” Outtake*
27 “Get Lost” Outtake*
28 “A Toe Needs A Shoe” Outtake*
29 “Customer” Alternate Take*
30 “Basement Jam” Rehearsal*
31 “If Only You Were Lonely”

Stink EP, (1982)
01 “Kids Don’t Follow”
02 “Fuck School”
03 “Stuck In The Middle”
04 “God Damn Job”
05 “White And Lazy”
06 “Dope Smokin Moron”
07 “Go”
08 “Gimme Noise”

Bonus Material
09 “Staples In Her Stomach” Outtake*
10 “Hey, Good Lookin'” Outtake*
11 “(We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock” Outtake*
12 “You’re Getting Married” Solo Home Demo*

Hootenanny, (1983)
01 “Hootenanny”
02 “Run It”
03 “Color Me Impressed”
04 “Willpower”
05 “Take Me Down To The Hospital”
06 “Mr. Whirly”
07 “Within Your Reach”
08 “Buck Hill”
09 “Lovelines”
10 “You Lose”
11 “Hayday”
12 “Treatment Bound”

Bonus Material
13 “Lookin’ For Ya”
14 “Junior’s Got A Gun” Outtake – Rough Mix*
15 “Ain’t No Crime” Outtake*
16 “Johnny Fast” Outtake – Rough Mix*
17 “Treatment Bound” Alternate Version*
18 “Lovelines” Alternate Vocal*
19 “Bad Worker” Solo Home Demo*

The Blender-approved Let It Be, (1984)
01 “I Will Dare”
02 “Favorite Thing”
03 “We’re Comin’ Out”
04 “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”
05 “Androgynous”
06 “Black Diamond”
07 “Unsatisfied”
08 “Seen Your Video”
09 “Gary’s Got A Boner”
10 “Sixteen Blue”
11 “Answering Machine”

Bonus Material
12 “20th Century Boy”
13 “Perfectly Lethal” Outtake*
14 “Temptation Eyes” Outtake*
15 “Answering Machine” Solo Home Demo*
16 “Heartbeat It’s A Lovebeat” Outtake, Rough Mix*
17 “Sixteen Blue” Outtake – Alternate Vocal*

*previously unreleased recording

One winner gets all four CDs. Enter to win here. Go to Rhino for more info. If you’re impatient, though, and want some Replacements today, check out the 37-minute listening party over at Rhino — it takes tracks from all four of the reissues. You can listen in QT, Real Audio, or WMA. Also: Later this year, they’re also doing deluxe versions of the Sire albums: Tim, Pleased To Meet Me, Don’t Tell A Soul, and All Shook Down.

Also, there’s still time to enter to win a Sonos Multi-Room Music System ($999 value) and play tunes wirelessly, all over your house. Enter here.