Stephin Merritt To Star In Insane-Sounding Live Video Game

The Magnetic Field’s latest track was a delightful return to form, but that doesn’t mean Stephin Merritt has abandoned his inclination to do weird shit. So, behold; Space Cruiser, an interactive, live video game based around Merritt. The Observer explains:

The one-night-only debut of Space Cruiser, next Thursday’s game-cum-concert in question, is described as a “cooperative mission-based game centered around navigating around a fictional universe” that’s designed for up to 200 participants, who together will control a spacecraft, which the planetarium has been re-imagined as.

Huh. DIY gaming collective Babycastles is co-hosting the event at NYC’s Natural History Museum, so their co-founder Syed Salahuddin wrote The Observer to explain further, cuz I’m not sure any amount of explanation is too much for this thing. Syed:

A multi-player control deck at the center of the theater will offer a small crew the chance to navigate the spacecraft together, piloting through treacherous asteroid belts. The crew is an unassigned, free-form team that works together to pilot the spaceship, with various parts of the ship spread out over the theater while being guided by a on-board computer system that is voiced by Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields.

(via The Observer)

Tickets are on sale for next Thursday’s event, and apparently the password BEYOND gets you a discount. And so ends your daily breakdown of nerd culture crossovers. Have a nice weekend, all!